Green Lantern

Movie Title: Green Lantern

More Title:
Emerald Dawn     USA (working title)
Green Lantern - Lanterna Verde     Portugal
Green lantern     Spain
Linterna verde     Argentina
Zöld Lámpás     Hungary
Zelena svetilka     Slovenia

Country / Region: USA

Genre: Action / Sci-Fi

Language: English

Filming Locations:
Los Angeles, California, USA(reshoots)
Madisonville, Louisiana, USA
Main St & St Mary St, Madisonville, Louisiana, USA
New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
Second Line Stages, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA(studio)
Warner Brothers Burbank Studios - 4000 Warner Boulevard, Burbank, California, USA(studio)

Production cost: $ 150,000,000 (estimated)

Release Date:
Hungary     16 June 2011    
Malaysia     16 June 2011    
Netherlands     16 June 2011    
Singapore     16 June 2011    
Slovenia     16 June 2011    
Canada     17 June 2011    
India     17 June 2011    
Italy     17 June 2011    
Poland     17 June 2011    
UK     17 June 2011    
USA     17 June 2011    
Argentina     30 June 2011    
Sweden     8 July 2011    
Azerbaijan     17 July 2011    
Japan     22 July 2011    
Portugal     28 July 2011    
Turkey     29 July 2011    
France     3 August 2011    
Germany     4 August 2011    

Plot: A test pilot is granted a mystical green ring that bestows him with otherworldly powers, as well as membership into an intergalactic squadron tasked with keeping peace within the universe.

Plot Keywords: Based On Comic Book, DC Comics, Three Word Title, Superhero, Color In Title, Character Name In Title

In Brightest Day,
In Blackest Night,
No Evil Shall,
Escape My Sight.
In Our Darkest Hour, There Will Be Light.

Greg Berlanti signed on to co-write and direct the film in 2007, but he stepped down to instead direct This Is Where I Leave You (2011) and handed direction over to Martin Campbell. However, he remained on board as a writer and producer.

In the comics, there have been six people who held (and still hold) the title of the Green Lantern: Alan Scott (1940), Hal Jordan (1959), Guy Gardner (1968), John Stewart (1971), Kyle Rayner (1994) and Jade Scott (Alan's daughter, 1994).

Sam Worthington and Chris Pine were in consideration for the role of Hal Jordan. Bradley Cooper, Justin Timberlake and Jared Leto also screen-tested for the role before finally, Ryan Reynolds was cast as Jordan.

This is Ryan Reynolds's third superhero film, after Blade: Trinity (2004) (Hannibal King) and X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2009) (Wade Wilson); it also marks a rare occasion where an actor has appeared in both a Marvel Comics and DC Comics film.

Brian Austin Green, a fan of the Green Lantern, campaigned actively to get the role of Hal Jordan.

The movie was originally scheduled to be shot at Fox Studios in Sydney, Australia but the rising Australian dollar forced the studio and director Martin Campbell to seek relocation, New Orleans and various parishes around the city was chosen because it was it was perfect location from the scouts, the city has perfect aura for filming almost anything, many studio's are being built in the city now known as Hollywood south and Louisiana tax incentive that many other cities have copied but still not as successful as Louisiana have help make it easy to film big and small budget movies in the State.

Keri Russell, Eva Green, Jennifer Garner and Diane Kruger were all considered to play Carol Ferris.

Comic book writer Geoff Johns, who has worked on the "Green Lantern" comic and made it a resounding success, was signed on as a creative consultant on the film.

At one point Clark Kent/Superman was in the script (he had a cameo as one of the candidates considered to receive a power ring), but he was cut out because the filmmakers didn't want to depend on another superhero for a success.

The scriptwriters drew inspiration from the Green Lantern comics 'Emerald Dawn' (which told the story of Hal Jordan's induction into the Green Lantern Corps and how he became its greatest member) and 'Secret Origin' (a modern retelling of Hal Jordan's early days as a Green Lantern), as well as the work of Denny O'Neil-Neal Adams and Dave Gibbons' work on the "Green Lantern" comic.

Around June 2006, Robert Smigel had completed a script of the film, which was a comedy-adventure and was to star Jack Black in the lead role. However, the studio dropped the script idea due to EXTREME negative feedback from fans.

In early 1997, Warner Bros. approached cult filmmaker/comic book writer Kevin Smith to script the film. Smith turned down the offer, believing there were other suitable candidates to make a Green Lantern movie.

When Greg Berlanti was in charge, he hired comic book writers Michael Green and Marc Guggenheim to work on the script.

Zack Snyder was approached to direct the film, but he turned down the offer due to his commitment on Watchmen (2009). He would later accept the offer to direct the reboot of Superman.

A prop of the Green Lantern power ring and battery were constructed for the film.

Not counting the "The Superman/Aquaman Hour of Adventure" or the "Superfriends" shows that were produced by Filmation and Hanna-Barbara, this is only the second D.C. feature where Hal Jordan has a major role. Previously, he only appeared in Green Lantern: First Flight (2009), and beyond that: - in a "Superman" (1996) episode he was only mentioned by name - in "Justice League" (2001) and "Duck Dodgers" (2003) he made cameo appearances in one episode each - and in Justice League: The New Frontier (2008) he played a supporting role.

This is the second D.C. feature where John Stewart appears. However, it is only in a minor role: he had previously had a major role in "Justice League" (2001).

The Green Lantern uniform is portrayed in computer-generated imagery; this was a creative move by the filmmakers, who wanted the uniform not to be a real cloth outfit but a light construct generated by the Lantern power ring. The humanoid actors (Ryan Reynolds, Temuera Morrison and Mark Strong) wore motion-capture suits, over which the uniforms were rendered.

A life-size prop of Abin Sur's escape pod was constructed for the crash site scene.

Peter Sarsgaard had a prosthetic applied on his head to portray Hector Hammond in the initial stages of his mutation (a swollen brain). For scenes where Hammond's head actually enlarges it will be done in CGI.

It took 4-5 hours to apply the prosthetic make-up to Temuera Morrison to make him resemble Abin Sur.

This is editor Stuart Baird's third superhero film, having previously worked on Superman (1978) and Superman II: Restoring the Vision (2006) (the Zorro films are debatable).

Geoff Johns tried to get the film produced in 2000, but the first question he was asked was whether the film could be made without the ring. This discouraged him so badly that he didn't make another attempt until The Dark Knight (2008) released.

A mannequin of Abin Sur was constructed for Amanda Waller's autopsy.

The comics vary on why the Green Lantern Abin Sur travelled in a spaceship when his ring could sustain him in space. The early comics say it was to prevent unnecessarily using the power on his ring; later versions presented him with a prophecy that his ring would fail him (which ironically came true at the moment his ship malfunctioned).

Martin Campbell's favorite Green Lantern is Bzzd. He has also said that if he could become a Green Lantern, he would be Kilowog.

To prepare for Carol Ferris's action scenes, Blake Lively underwent training on the The Matrix (1999)'s aerial stunt rigs, assisted by acrobats from the "Cirque du Soleil" and supervised by noted stunt coordinator Gary Powell. She described it as a great experience: "I'm 40 feet in the air, spiralling around. That's the best workout you can ever do because it's all core... You do that for ten minutes and you should see your body the next day! It's so exhilarating, so thrilling - and nauseating."

Taika Waititi got the role of Thomas "Pieface" Kalmaku due to his Maori-Jewish heritage: "There was an opening in the film for someone who was not-white or not-black."

Peter Sarsgaard described Hector Hammond as an expression of what he keeps inside: "He's the kid that licked a battery, or went on the roof during a thunderstorm with a coat hanger."

Peter Sarsgaard loved his look as Hector Hammond so much he declared himself the "king of the prostheses!"

In the comics, Carol Ferris became the Star Sapphire, an anti-hero with abilities similar to the Green Lantern; she later became a soldier (and currently queen) of the Star Sapphire Corps, a all-female force parallel to the Green Lantern Corps . The Star Sapphire logo can be seen on Carol's helmet as she flies her jet.

The filmmakers considered making this film about Alan Scott, the original Green Lantern, whose powers were magical rather than cosmic. They decided to go with Hal Jordan as he was the most popular Lantern and the one on whom (most of) the GL universe was constructed around.

There will be about 133 VFX shots in the film.

Quentin Tarantino was considered to direct this film.

Carol Ferris says Hal has the ability to overcome great fear. In the comics this was an amendment of the Green Lantern Corps: one originally had to be without fear in order to be a Lantern, but this was later changed to being able to overcome their fears.

The films first teaser trailer borrowed the trailer score from The Last Airbender (2010), which is "Lonely Dusk" performed by Methodic Doubt.

Hugo Weaving, Jackie Earle Haley and Geoffrey Rush were considered to for the role of Sinestro.

The "Green Lantern" comic has been greatly inspired by many cinematic figures across history (including the main cast of this film): - Hal Jordan and Carol Ferris (1959) were based on Paul Newman and Elizabeth Taylor - Thaal Sinestro (1961) was based on David Niven - and Hector Hammond (1961) was based on Burl Ives.

The primary antagonist in the film was originally going to be the Legion, an alien robot possessing the collective minds of an alien insectoid race. This would have been in keeping with the original comics, where Abin Sur was mortally wounded in a battle with the Legion. However, the Legion was rejected in favour of the fear entity Parallax.

An early draft of the script contained a cameo by Alan Scott, the first Green Lantern (Jordan's predecessor, whose powers were magical rather than cosmic). Scott was going to be the United States President, and near the end would reveal his own past as a Green Lantern to Jordan, and give him his blessing. He was later revised to become an agent of the Checkmate agency (the Checkmate membership stayed true to the comics), who would approach and offer Jordan membership. Later drafts finally wrote him out of the film, and replaced him with Amanda Waller.

Kevin Kline was considered for the role of Senator Hammond.

Martin Campbell
Directed by
Martin Campbell


Greg Berlanti
Writing credits(in alphabetical order)
Greg Berlanti         screenplay
Michael Goldenberg         screenplay
Michael Green         screenplay
Marc Guggenheim         screenplay

Ryan Reynolds
Blake Lively
Peter Sarsgaard

Mark Strong
Temuera Morrison

Jenna Craig
Jon Tenney
Mike Doyle

Nick Jandl
Dylan James
Leanne Cochran

Dennis Haysbert
Angela Bassett
John Larroquette

Amy Carlson
Jay O. Sanders
Nick Gomez

Laura Cayouette
Sharon Morris
Taika Waititi

Nick Jones Jr.
Griff Furst

Ric Reitz
Deke Anderson
Jeff Wolfe

Paul Parducci
Mindy Caraccioli
Garrett Hines

Michael AvMen
Alexander Asefa
D'Arcy Allen

Jennifer Benton
Brooke Bezick

    Ryan Reynolds    ...     Hal Jordan / Green Lantern
    Blake Lively    ...     Carol Ferris
    Peter Sarsgaard    ...     Hector Hammond
    Mark Strong    ...     Sinestro
    Temuera Morrison    ...     Abin Sur
    Jenna Craig    ...     Carol Ferris at 11
    Jon Tenney    ...     Martin Jordan
    Mike Doyle    ...     Jack Jordan
    Nick Jandl    ...     Jim Jordan
    Dylan James    ...     Jason Jordan
    Leanne Cochran    ...     Janice Jordan
other cast:
    Tim Robbins    ...     Senator Hammond
    Dennis Haysbert    ...     Kilowog (voice)
    Angela Bassett    ...     Dr. Amanda Waller
    John Larroquette    ...     Tomar-Re (voice)
    Amy Carlson    ...     Jessica Jordan
    Jay O. Sanders    ...     Carl Ferris
    Nick Gomez    ...     Latino Victim
    Laura Cayouette    ...     Party Guest #1
    Sharon Morris    ...     Bus Driver
    Taika Waititi    ...     Thomas Kalmaku
    Nick Jones Jr.    ...     John Stewart (as Nick Jones)
    Griff Furst    ...     U-cav pilot
    Ric Reitz    ...     President of the USA
    Deke Anderson    ...     4 Star General Caven
    Jeff Wolfe    ...     Bob Banks
    Paul Parducci    ...     G'Hu (voice)
    Mindy Caraccioli    ...     Mr. Hammond's Student
    Garrett Hines    ...     U-cav pilot #2
    Michael AvMen    ...     Firefighter
    Joseph Cintron    ...     DEO Agent #3
    Alexander Asefa    ...     Airplane Technician
    Bill Ross    ...     Bill Ross
    Evan Kelly    ...     Reporter
    D'Arcy Allen    ...     Executive at party (uncredited)
    Annette Denise Bass    ...     Rooftop Party Scene (uncredited)
    Jennifer Benton    ...     Marine (uncredited)
    Brooke Bezick    ...     Extra (uncredited)
    Erin Booth    ...     Partygoer (uncredited)
    Blake Nelson Boyd    ...     KYCB News Crew (uncredited)
    Kylie Creppel    ...     Neighborhood Kid (uncredited)
    Carlo Daquin    ...     Partygoer / Survivor (uncredited)
    Jenifer Rebecca Foster    ...     Student (uncredited)
    Gino Galento    ...     Party Guest (uncredited)
    Jewel Grosch    ...     Model (uncredited)
    Emily D. Haley    ...     Person on the Street (uncredited)
    Andrew Kantowski    ...     Roof Top Party Guest (uncredited)
    John C. Klein    ...     Rooftop Party Guest (uncredited)
    Holly Ladnier    ...     Rooftop Party Guest (uncredited)
    Elton LeBlanc    ...     College Custodian / Limo Driver / Pedestrian (uncredited)
    Armando Leduc    ...     DEO Agent #2 (uncredited)
    Flavia Manes Rossi    ...     Screaming Woman (uncredited)
    Kiki Mannear    ...     Ferris Aircraft Partier / Rooftop Party Patron (uncredited)
    Tiffany Morgan    ...     Finale Mom (uncredited)
    Wayne Douglas Morgan    ...     Party Goer (uncredited)
    Lance E. Nichols    ...     Cop #1 (uncredited)
    Roger Eduardo Palomino    ...     Party Goer (uncredited)
    Maria Ruiz    ...     Partygoer (uncredited)
    Rhonda Schaubert    ...     Roof Top Gala Guest (uncredited)
    Suzanne Severio    ...     Tourist (uncredited)
    Tony Severio    ...     Tourist (uncredited)
    Andre De'Sean Shanks    ...     Dancer #1 / Student (uncredited)
    Chaz Smith    ...     Photographer (uncredited)
    Logan Douglas Smith    ...     Bartender's Brother / Rooftop Party Scene Patron (uncredited)
    Terry Lee Smith    ...     Party Guest (uncredited)
    AnneMarie Spizuoco    ...     Party Goer (uncredited)
    Lauren Sullivan    ...     Market Patron (uncredited)
    James Lesley Taylor    ...     Coast City Tourist- Finale (uncredited)
    Elizabeth Tranchant    ...     Party Guest / Runner (uncredited)
    David Lee Valle    ...     Hanger Supervisor (uncredited)
    Ricky Vo    ...     Rooftop Party Goer (uncredited)
    Chris Whetstone    ...     Congressman (uncredited)
    John T. Wilson Jr.    ...     Police Officer (uncredited)

Production Companies

    * Warner Bros. Pictures (presents)
    * De Line Pictures
    * DC Entertainment

Official Website: http://greenlanternmovie.warnerbros.com