Diary of a Wimpy Kid 2: Rodrick Rules


Movie Title: Diary of a Wimpy Kid 2: Rodrick Rules

Country / Region: United States

Genre: Family / Comedy

Language: English

Filming Locations:
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Release Date:
Singapore     24 March 2011    
USA     25 March 2011    
UK     27 May 2011    

The book starts with Greg revealing that his brother, Rodrick, had found his other diary (The story of what happened is a big part of the plot, especially at the end of the book) and that his mother had bought him another. Greg is forced to join the swimming team over the summer holidays, because his dad thinks that he is destined to be a great swimmer. However, Greg hates the swimming team (despite winning the " Most "Improved" award") as the pool is freezing cold. One day, Greg's mom forces him to wear his hand-me-down speedo, only to get laughed at by the others. Rodrick comes to pick him up, leaving him in the back with Rodrick's musical instruments. Rodrick is always 30 minutes late. Greg decides he would rather walk home than have his head taken off by one of the drums. He also spends the rest of the swimming team meetings in the bathroom wrapped up in toilet paper so he doesn't get hypothermia. The next day, he returns to school, only to discover he still has the Cheese Touch from last year. He eventually passes the Cheese Touch onto the new boy, Jeremy Pindle. Greg also explains that the people with their surname letter higher in the alphabet are usually smarter (showing Alex Aruda and Christopher Ziegel). The only boy to break that rule was Peter Uteger, who rarely puts his hand up any more (as the other kids call him P.U)so he's pretty much a C student. Greg claims to have started that. One day, Greg and his friends begin a joke called the "Invisible Chirag" where they pretend Chirag Gupta is invisible, but he eventually gets in trouble, Later the tri-school talent show takes place. Rodrick's band, named Loaded Diaper (he spells it as Löded Diper, Rodrick is the worst speller in the family) gets in, hoping that his band can get noticed. Rodrick plans to have his band's performance taped so he can send it to record companies, then he's gonna quit school and do the band full-time. The problem is, when Rodrick's drum solo begins, Mom starts dancing, and the camera focuses on her for the rest of the song, which ends up the Internet sensational viral "Dancing Mom" video. Rodrick is upset, because he has nothing to send to record companies, and in his anger, start telling his friends the story of how Greg got stuck in the women's bathroom to everyone who had a brother or sister in his grade. In response, Greg tells the story of what happened.

Over the summer, Greg and Rodrick went to their Grandfather's home, but there is nothing to do there, so Greg starts writing in his old journal, but Rodrick stole it and made a run for it, but he tripped over a game set of Gutbusters. So,Greg took the diary back and took it to the nearest bathroom. He started ripping pages out of it, but someone comes in, and it's an elderly woman putting on makeup. Greg was about to tell her she was in the wrong bathroom, because according to Greg, people in Leisure Towers are always doing stuff like that, but then another woman comes in, and he realizes that it was himself who made the mistake, and he was in the girls' bathroom. Eventually, security got him out, but Rodrick had seen the whole thing from Grandpa's TV, which is tuned to the security cameras. The next day a bunch of boys surround him, Greg braces himself for the teasing to start, but they start congratulating him. As it turns out, due to the affects of rumors, the story turned into one about him looking inside the girls changing room and taking pictures of the girl at Crossland High School, because of all of this Greg becomes one of the Most Popular kids at school for the first time. But still even what happened Greg helped his Brother on his project

Plot Keywords: Based On Novel

Brad Simpson said he anticipates a sequel movie if the first film is a success. "Our screenwriters are writing a sequel right now, Diary of a Wimpy Kid 2: Rodrick Rules, which would be based on the second book, and, you know, we hope that the people would want to see a second movie, that we are in position of going again right away and make another film. I certainly know that the fans would like to see all the books made into movies," Simpson said.

Fox 2000 has greenlit the sequel and confirmed that Zachary Gordon return as Greg Heffley.Steve Zahn and Rachael Harris are also confirmed to return. The film will be directed by David Bowers and the screenplay will be written by Gabe Sachs and Jeff Judah. Principal photography began in Vancouver on August 2010. Filming ended and the film is currently in the stages of editing.A release date has been set on March 25, 2011.[6] A few new characters will appear in the film including Peyton R. List as Holly Hills. The trailer was seen with Gulliver's Travels.

Directed by
David Bowers        

Writing credits(WGA)
Gabe Sachs         (screenplay) &
Jeff Judah         (screenplay)
Jeff Kinney         (book)


Steve Zahn
Rachael Harris
Zachary Gordon

Devon Bostick
Peyton List
Fran Kranz

Ben Hollingsworth
Robert Capron
Grayson Russell

Michelle Harrison
Laine MacNeil
Owen Best

Connor Fielding
Karan Brar
Owen Fielding

Serge Houde
Jake D. Smith
Ava Hughes

Manoj Sood
Dalila Bela
Jakob Davies

Mark Brandon
Michael Strusievici
Kai Kennedy

Graeme Duffy
Brenda Anderson
John Shaw

    Steve Zahn    ...     Frank Heffley
    Rachael Harris    ...     Susan Heffley
    Zachary Gordon    ...     Greg Heffley
    Devon Bostick    ...     Rodrick Heffley
    Peyton List    ...     Holly Hills
    Fran Kranz       
    Ben Hollingsworth    ...     Claudio
    Robert Capron    ...     Rowley Jefferson
    Grayson Russell    ...     Fregley
    Michelle Harrison    ...     Pretty woman
    Laine MacNeil    ...     Patty Farrell
    Owen Best    ...     Bryce anderson
    Connor Fielding    ...     Manny Heffley
    Karan Brar    ...     Chirag Gupta
    Owen Fielding    ...     Manny Heffley
    Serge Houde    ...     Mr. Salz
    Jake D. Smith    ...     Archie kelly
    Ava Hughes    ...     Marley
    Manoj Sood       
    Dalila Bela    ...     4 Year Old Girl
    Jakob Davies    ...     Scotty Douglas
    Mark Brandon    ...     News Anchor
    Michael Strusievici       
    Kai Kennedy    ...     Cowering Kid
    Graeme Duffy    ...     Emcee
    Conner Ingram    ...     Rodrick at Age 12
    Brenda Anderson    ...     Holly's Grandmother
    Sean Mathieson    ...     Mean Skater Dude
    Brianna Lake    ...     Goth Girl
    Spencer Drever    ...     Harry Gilbertson
    John Shaw    ...     Mr. Draybick (uncredited)

Produced by
Nina Jacobson    ....     producer
Jeff Kinney    ....     executive producer
Bradford Simpson    ....     producer
Ethan Smith    ....     co-producer

Original Music by
Ed Shearmur         (as Edward Shearmur)
Ed Shearmur        

Cinematography by
Jack N. Green        

Film Editing by
Troy Takaki        

Casting by
Ronna Kress        

Production Design by
Brent Thomas        

Costume Design by
Tish Monaghan        

Makeup Department
Sarah Bergeest    ....     first assistant makeup artist
Janella Churchill    ....     first assistant makeup
Lisa Love    ....     makeup department head

Production Management
Aaron Downing    ....     executive in charge of post-production
Donald Munro    ....     unit manager

Second Unit Director or Assistant Director
Michael Bendner    ....     additional assistant director: background coordinator
Josy Capkun    ....     second assistant director
Peter Dashkewytch    ....     first assistant director: second unit
Lisa C. Satriano    ....     first assistant director

Art Department
John Chaschowy    ....     lead greens
Rob Dampier    ....     lead carpenter
Dylan Dowd    ....     head greens person
David Dowling    ....     property master
Sonia Gemmiti    ....     set designer
Wes Hamby    ....     assistant property master
Ray Lai    ....     illustrator
Spencer Louttit    ....     assistant property master
Darren Moore    ....     best boy greensperson
D. Martin Myatt    ....     props
Lori West    ....     lead graphic designer

Sound Department
Travis MacKay    ....     adr mixer

Paul Lazenby    ....     stunt double: Andrew Mcnee
Brennan Walstrom    ....     stunt performer
Kye Walstrom    ....     stunt performer

Camera and Electrical Department
Terry Calhoun    ....     second unit: gaffer
Matt DiIorio    ....     epk camera
Andrew Learmonth    ....     video coordinator
Timothy Robin Spencer    ....     key first assistant camera
Don McCuaig    ....     director of photography: plate unit (uncredited)

Casting Department
Amy Nygaard    ....     casting coordinator

Costume and Wardrobe Department
Karin Nosella    ....     assistant costume designer

Editorial Department
Claire Duthie    ....     dailies digitizer: Deluxe Vancouver
Walter Volpatto    ....     digital intermediate artist

Music Department
Kevin Kliesch    ....     orchestrator
Julia Michels    ....     music supervisor
Peter Rotter    ....     music contractor

Transportation Department
Terence Chase    ....     driver
Terence Cochlan    ....     hair/make-up driver

Other crew
Paul Becker    ....     choreographer
Karen Bergen    ....     production accountant
Peter Cummings    ....     clearance/product placement coordinator
Lorraine Jamison    ....     unit publicist
Nathon S. Lewis    ....     personal assistant: Steve Zahn
Kyle Leydier    ....     assistant: Nina Jacobson, Brad Simpson & Ethan Smith
Bliss McDonald    ....     production coordinator
Tara Mews    ....     assistant production coordinator
Tim Moshansky    ....     location scout
Janet D. Munro    ....     script supervisor
Lisa Stevens    ....     choreographer
Kimberley Sutton    ....     assistant: David Bowers

Production Companies

    * Color Force
    * Fox 2000 Pictures


    * 20th Century Fox (2011) (Singapore) (theatrical)
    * Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation (2011) (USA) (theatrical)

Other Companies

    * Gallagher Entertainment  insurance

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